Villa Ragazzi

Villa Ragazzi end of season 2

Summer is coming to an end and the second season of our gay cottages also. Rendez-vous from april the 15th 2011 for a third season even stronger!

October 10, it has been a week that the lounge chairs are empty and the atmosphere around the pool is very quiet. For us the season is barely over and already we miss you! We would like to thank you for all the moments we shared with you for the laughter and tears, meals and bathing ... and simply for your presence.
Villa Ragazzi end of season 2

Thank you for your loyalty!

Villa Ragazzi end of season 2
A special thank you to you who have given us confidence last year when we were just starting to open the doors of our house, and who have returned to us this year. It was an opportunity to know us better. These relationships are our greatest recompense. You give us the motivation to continue to surprise you and offer you the best. Our fuel is YOU!

Rendez-vous April the 15th, 2011

We're gonna take a few days off and we're gonna start for a few months of construction for your comfort and a new bedroom.
Stay tuned this winter on to follow the news of your 100% guys guesthouse in Camarga.

Take care,
Ciao Ragazzi!

Villa Ragazzi - gay guesthouse in southern France
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