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In 1229, the Languedoc, which Uzès is part of, was attached to the crown of France. In 1565, Charles IX student of the Count Crussol the dignity of Duke to ensure the loyalty of the latter toward the crown. In 1632, the Duke of Uzes is the first Duke of France. The Duchy in the heart of the city still belongs to the ducal family who stayed there for over 1000 years.

In the twentieth century, Uzès has a new breath with the classification of its downtown "preservation area" January 5, 1965. Since then, Uzes continues to embellish : street paving, setting discretion son electrical property restoration of 12 hectares in 1965, are now 41 hectares of the city that are classified under the terms of the Malraux Act. Since the early fifties, the renewed economic development through tourism but also the installation of large institutions such as the county psychiatric hospital and new hospital premises, the company Haribo, the National Stud and many SMEs.

Listed as "city of art and history" since November 2008, Uzes enjoys an international reputation and it moves around the planet to survey streets and admire its heritage.

(Source: Official site of the town of Uzes )

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