Villa Ragazzi


Tobias was a sailor, he brought Brazilian rosewood, steel mingle and other materials he discovered in his travels to decorate this very masculine bedroom.

Precious wood and steel are the materials we used in this yacht inspired bedroom.
You will appreciate the full equipement and the outside shaded patio for your lounge or kinky late afternoons.


At Villa Ragazzi Stephane and Cedric offers a catering service unique in a guesthouse, check our "Services" section/ Fooding 
host tables, also open to gay who have no rooms here, are held throughout the season. The dates are announced on our Facebook page ... Take a look at the other bedrooms : GianniAngelo.html , Tobias.html , Imer.html , and Enzo.html

Villa Ragazzi, gay guesthouse between Nimes and Montpellier, southern France
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Villa Ragazzi, gay guesthouse france
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