Villa Ragazzi

The reference southern france

The reference southern france
Welcome to Villa Ragazzi, gay male only guesthouse, a relaxing bubble southern Fance.

The 4 bedrooms and the studio nestled in a semi-tropical garden are fully equipped with own private terrace and entrance.

The giant pool and the lounge music we play are true invitations to relaxation. You will love to lay down on one of the 20 large beds waiting for you on the terrace or on the water.

You will meet at the pool bar friendly gay people who have rent a bedroom or who are just there for the day with our day pass

All the resort is clothing optional.

Everyday, Stephane ex Chef in Lyon, makes a new selection of fresh food from the market and cooks for you, just make your choice on the dayly menu! Food is available for lunch and diner.

Massages are also provided by our wellness masseur, just ask us!

Our gay resort is located next to the hot gay beaches very close to Montpellier and Nîmes, two big towns with international airports/stations

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See you soon at home!

Stephane and Cedric

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