Villa Ragazzi

This winter, Imer, one of the first bedroom we made, is having a serious lifting!

Bedroom IMER to be redesign
New colors, new materials, we change everything in there! ... or almost ... No fear, we do not touch the bathroom that you love so much! Come here regularly to follow the this new project step by step

This lounge sofa by the pool is perfect for long snaps in the shade...

New look for our lounge by the pool
The rear panel of the lounge that you enjoy so much was covered with a colorful triptych. The selected picture is a bust of a man lying in a River ... Therefore composed of three panels, this picture makes sense when you step back ... Apparently our first guests love it! what about you?

Monday, April 9th 2012

1 er avril 2009, quelle est l'avancée des travaux après quelques mois d'acharnements pour que tout soit exactement comme nous l'avons imaginé ?... 1st of april, time for making-up, after a few months of hard work to make the place exactly like we imagine it for the opening time.

Ou en sommes nous ?
La piscine a été complètement transformée, redessinée pour qu'elle devienne une véritable piscine de loisir de 17m par 8. Le revêtement, de la résine blanche, sera appliqué début avril.

Reserve your gay guesthouse in south France 2009
The pool is being completly redesign to become a real amusement pool 17 meters long by 8 meters. The covering, white resin, well be done in april.

Wednesday, April 1st 2009