Villa Ragazzi

Guests informations

How to use the safe

Defaut code is 0000A. (you can use this code if you accidentaly closed the door)

Personnalize your own code is easy:  

1- Open the safe

2- Press the red button on the vertical edge of the inner door until the yellow light turns on

3-You have 30 seconds to set your own code (4 characters) and finish by pressing A. 
A double beep warns you that the entry is correct and the yellow light turns off 
Your safe is ready to operate with your personal code ...


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Ragazzi attitude

- After 10PM, thank you for limiting the noise

- Towels may not in any case be taken out of the villa. We have towels and umbrellas specially designed for the beach to rent, please ask us.

- Ashtrays are available in all outdoor areas of the villa. Thank you for using them.

- Beverages / food from outside are not allowed at the pool or other public area. Please have them in your room or on your terrace. It is strictly forbidden to cook in your bedroom. Thank you for your understanding.


Guests informations
Beach towel 4€/d
Beach umbrella 2€/d
Robe for the duration of the stay 4€50
Laundry washed, dried, folded 18€00
Day Pass for outside Guest
(included one drink)