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40 km from Villa Ragazzi

Arles is frequently mentioned for its rich ancient heritage (Roman monuments) and the novel, its monuments listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1981, the Roman Amphitheatre (Bullring) Wheat Roman Theatre, the Crypto, the Roman Baths of Constantine, the remains of the Roman circus, the cloister of St. Trophime, the gate of St. Trophime and Alyscamps, which are the start of the path of Arles, one of three routes to St Jacques de Compostela .

This is the path of Aries, also called route Arles Tolosana. Besides these monuments, Arles also maintains beautiful buildings of the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth centuries. Since 1986, the city is classified as "City of Art and History.

(Source: Tourism Arles )


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