Villa Ragazzi


Angelo loves the beach, the color of sand and raw wood

You will appreciate the full equipement : king size bed, bar, tv, free internet wifi... and the outside shaded patio with a big tree for your lounge or kinky late afternoons.

Angelo's bedroom has it's own baths and a private pation in front of tropical plants and a few steps from the jacuzzi.
Get yourself a nice glass of wine and let's start your stay in heaven!

At Villa Ragazzi Stephane and Cedric offers a catering service unique in a guesthouse, check our "Services" section/ Fooding 
host tables, also open to gay who have no rooms here, are held throughout the season. The dates are announced on our Facebook page ...

Check the other bedrooms : ImerTobiasEnzo, The Loft and Gianni

Villa Ragazzi, gay guesthouse between Nimes and Montpellier, southern France

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Villa Ragazzi, gay guesthouse france
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