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Aigues-Mortes and the salt mountains

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© chamelle photography
© chamelle photography
The origin of Aigues-Mortes is lost in the mists of time. The men used to collect salt, to tame the wild vagaries of a malarial climate long before the plans and actions of Louis IX came to glorify the thirteenth century, the history of these places. Therefore, Aigues-Mortes, hard mass encamped in the vastness will continue to evolve, crossing inexorably wars, conflicts, times of peace and poverty. Its towers and ramparts are marked with the imprint of time, haunted by the mystery of their resistance.

Today, Aigues-Mortes, retains its bullfighting traditions. The Mecca of the Camargue gastronomy, she turns to the Mediterranean and combines the secret charm of the past in the future.

(Source: Tourist Aigues Mortes )

The curious love getting lost in its maze of pedestrian streets. You'll find the traditional souvenir shops, but also art galleries where the bull is king and that deserves a look. You can find design objects such as bulls resin red or black lacquered ...

There are many restaurants ... and not all quality! Ask for addresses, we know best!

Gay life: Aigues-Mortes is THE gay friendly city in the Camargue. You'll meet many gay couples in the streets and in some restaurants and bars. Now you know: gay people love Aigues-Mortes!

The salt mountains

© chamelle photography
© chamelle photography
All the city of Aigues-Mortes is surounded by salt mountains and pink lakes with give a surealistic look at this amazing land.
You can visit the "Salins d'Aigues-Mortes" with a small funny train! Leanr more about the salt mountains and the pink lakes visiting

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